Reporting & Insights

Run reports on transaction and contact activity, and delve even deeper into what makes your business tick. With all the calculations done for you, you can focus on making sure the graph is trending the right way.

Customisable reporting

Use custom tags to categorise and report on every aspect of your business.

Organise contacts and transactions into seasonal groups, geographical regions, or any other category applicable to your business.

Remove the clutter of generic reports by selecting those that are relevant, and see only the information you need.

Illustration of a hand re-arranging tags for a report

Sales Report

Run reports across all your sales activity

Categorise and compare results using any combination of tags, to view results by territory, product range, sales rep or any other category you track with tags.

Illustration showing sales performance

Balance sheet

Pull up a Statement of Financial Position as and when you need.

Profit & loss

Run a P&L for your business, or across multiple organisations to compare performance.


Your BAS/GST return is calculated automatically, saving you time. (Australia only)

User audit trail

Track staff access and usage across all your Saasu files, for insight into who has been doing what, and when.