Tame Your Payroll

Take the hassle out of your pay process

Fast, simple pay runs

Automatic tax calculation makes light work when it’s time to pay staff.

Illustration showing pay being distributed to staff


Cut back on paper and save the world, one sheet at a time.

Saasu allows your staff and contractors to record their hours directly, providing you with an accurate pay run to review at the other end.

There’s no more chasing up, no more calculating, and staff and contractors can fill in their hours without having access to sensitive company information.

Illustration showing staff timesheet

Pay Officer approval

Customise user roles to control who has access to view, edit, process and approve pay runs.

Illustration of two hands passing an approved payslip

Free tax tables

Stop paying for new tax tables each year—with Saasu, they are updated at no extra cost. It’s all just part of the service.

Pay groups

Group staff by location, rank or other criteria to ensure each individual gets paid.

Pay cycles

Separate cycles for different staff adds flexibility to how you set up pay runs.

Bulk EFT

Upload a single file from Saasu to your online banking to pay multiple people at once.