It sounds great, but can I afford it?

We have structured our team to ensure we are able to deliver a cost effective solution to small businesses. We employ a broad range of finance professionals, from trainees through to highly qualified and experienced accountants. Since each aspect of your administration will be handled by an expert in that particular field we can guarantee a far more accurate, efficient and economic service than traditional bookkeepers can provide.

In fact, most of the time our fees are equivalent to or more affordable than a contractor or employee, with you receiving a far superior range of services than any individual could offer. You will have a skilled team at your disposal to handle your evolving financial needs as your business grows, so you will always have access to the right resource, at the right time, at the right price.

How are your fees structured?

We operate much like an accounting firm, but at significantly lower charge-out rates. Our team has a wide variety of skills and specialisms and like an accounting firm, each staff member is assigned an hourly rate depending on their experience level within our business.

We will assign the most appropriately experienced staff member to work on your accounts at every stage of each process, depending on the needs of your business and the complexity of the task.

We also offer cost-effective fixed price agreements for the routine aspects of your financial administration.

Will you need workspace at my offices?

If you require us to work at your premises then a computer and workspace is needed. Majority of our work is done in our office therefore saving you money. Each client is different and have different needs. Our policy of conducting all our work on our own premises enables us to supervise and support our team and to ensure that your all work will be performed by the most appropriately qualified team member. This allows us to deliver a far superior service than could be achieved by sending out a single employee to work at your premises, since no one person is likely to have the experience and knowledge to handle the full range of your accounting and finance requirements.

How will you get started?

As soon as you engage Wamit Bookkeeping Services we will assign a dedicated manager to oversee your account. They will begin by conducting a thorough review of your accounting systems and current procedures so that we can advise you of any matters that need immediate attention. We will make recommendations for improvements and point out any areas requiring reconciliation, This work will be undertaken by our dedicated New Client Team, who specialise in resolving historical issues and in swiftly establishing efficient, streamlined systems.

Once any issues have been resolved we will introduce your permanent team, who will deliver your ongoing service under the guidance of your account manager.

What accounting packages do you use?

We predominantly use MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks & Saasu accounting software systems. If you haven’t yet chosen and implemented a system we can help you to decide which would best suit the specific needs of your business. We can also work with you to configure and customise your accounting system to capture and report every available piece of data about your business.

How will you protect my company data?

We will keep your datafiles securely on our premises. We employ the most advanced, leading edge technology to provide real-time, two-way access to your company data via our internet portal, and we use the highest levels of security and daily back-up protocols to ensure the safety and integrity of your data at all times.

What if our current bookkeeper has already left?

This is no problem. We are experts in this field, so a handover is helpful but not essential. In any event we will begin by conducting a thorough review of your systems and will often recommend changes and implement our own best practice procedures.

We need someone temporarily whilst our employee is on leave. Can you fill in?

Wamit Bookkeeping Services doesn’t offer a temporary service. We recommend you contact a recruitment agency for this.

We would like our administrator to do some of the work, but they don’t have the experience to manage the entire finance function. Can you work with them?

Certainly. Our experienced finance professionals can oversee and support your internal employee and supplement their work by providing the higher level accounting services that you require.

I know I need to get things in order, but change seems too hard. Why should I bother?

The longer you leave it, the more tangled your financial affairs will become – which means more time and expense to put everything right. Far worse – without proper financial management you simply don’t have access to the accurate and up to date information you need to effectively manage your business. With every day you operate in the dark you miss out on more opportunities for development and growth.

And it need not be hard. Wamit Bookkeeping Services are experts at overhauling existing accounting functions and resolving historical issues, so we can quickly and painlessly take over the management of your financial administration. We’ll take all the stress and pressure off your hands so you can get on with running your business.

I’m interested – so what now?

Give us a call or drop us a line and we’ll arrange a no-obligation, to discuss your business and how we can meet your specific needs.