Track Your Inventory

Powerful inventory management, purchasing and supply-chain tools.

Inventory management

Trade in virtual items with variable volumes, run voucher promotions across limited time frames and quickly perform business-wide stock takes.

Auto-flag refill levels so supplies are always optimised, and connect to your e-commerce website through our flexible API.

Illustration of a inventory items in Saasu

Build product bundles

Assemble, kit and bundle combo items.

Sit back, as Saasu automatically updates individual quantities and components as products are put together and sold.

Illustration of bundling inventory items

Keep track of stock

Serialise by product build or license number, to make tracking individual items easy. You can even monitor stock across multiple locations.

Customise inventory descriptors with multiple attributes for items, and use merge fields to support standard attributes.

Saasu also helps keep tabs on expiry dates, so you always know which product needs to go out the door first.

Illustration showing inventory items across multiple locations

e-commerce sites

Keep your e-commerce website up-to-date by synchronising it with your Saasu inventory.

eBay & TradeMe

Connect to popular online auction sites, and automate the trading process.