The power to see the future

Feel the weight lift off your shoulders. No more fear about your cash flow. Now you are in control.

Today is just the beginning

Forecaster starts with today. The rest of the graph is the future. Finally you have the insight you’ve always wanted.

instant cash flow forecasting

No more sleepless nights

You know how much money you will have tomorrow. And next week. What a relief to have full control over your data and the future of your business.

instant cashflow forecasting

Business decisions made easy

Seeing the future isn’t a super power. It’s Saasu power. Easily identify blind spots in your business. Drag and drop transactions to instantly change your forecast.

cashflow forecasting

Ready to roll

No setup needed. No importing, no budgets or fiddling with spreadsheets. And Forecaster uses your actual transactions. Real data at your fingertips.

instant cashflow forecaster