Manage Your Contacts

Use Saasu to cultivate real relationships with the people you deal with regularly.

Address book and customer database

Make life easier for sales and support staff by keeping track of all correspondence with your clients and suppliers.

Record voicemail messages or phone calls, and attach documents to related transactions so that everything’s on file.

Illustration of a contact record with social media icons

Keep track of your commitments

Need to follow-up that hot prospect? Don’t want to forget the next invoice date for your project? Want to document the latest client approval? Keep track of your activities and client notes using Saasu’s activities.

Assign to-do tasks to staff and view a history of activities across each contact and transaction.

Illustration of a to-do list on a tablet computer with 'prospect follow-up' highlighted

Customer segmenting & campaign management

Use tags to add customers to interest groups—whether these be geographical, industry type or other points of interest.

Run reports on these groups, to benchmark and compare activity and performance.

Connect Saasu to the campaign management tool of your choice, and send out targeted communications to your contacts.

Illustration of a globe with customer segments: client, prospect, and supplier

Get social

Learn more about your contacts with Saasu’s quick links to social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Easy import

Quickly and easily import your contacts via CSV.

Export them again if needed.

Save attachments

Keep track of important documents and other reference material by attaching them to a contacts record.

Track support tickets

View all activities that have been associated with a contact from the overview page.