Create Expense Claims from Anywhere

It’s simple and quick to manage personal expenses and reimburse employees for payments made on behalf of the business. Create claims at work, home or on the go.


  • Manage receipts on the move

    Add receipts on the go using Xero Touch the mobile app. Simply take a photo of a receipt and add it to your expense claim.

  • All your receipts in one handy place

    Drag a copy of the printed receipt into Xero or upload it using the Files feature. See a list of all the receipts that make up a total claim.

  • Approve claims quickly

    After receipts are added you have the option to approve or decline individual items – then just schedule a payment for reimbursement.

  • No more paper and missed details

    Don’t waste time waiting for reimbursement. Managing your expense claims is simple with Xero.

Expense Claims in Xero Accounting Software